Ep 7: Marko Baloh - Setting 12 World Records

Justin Too
July 29, 2020
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Today's episode is with one of the world's legends, Marko Baloh. Marko competed in UCI road races from 1985 to 1995. His first Race Across America (RAAM) qualification was in 2000 and his first solo RAAM was in 2003.

In total, Marko participated in 10 RAAMs, and as a solo racer, he has completed the 3,000 mile distance in an ultra fast time of 9 days 2 hours in 2011. Marko has also achieve 1st place in the 50+ age category and 1st place in a 2-man relay team. He has also participated as a crew chief and race official.

In addition to his RAAM achievements, he has also participated in the Race Across the West (RAW) on three occasions, once as a solo racer, once in a 2-person relay team, and once in the virtual RAW.

Specific to this episode, his other notable achievements include over a dozen world records, including three 24 hour time trial world records. In 2008, Marko completed 890 km on an outdoor track. Then in 2010, he became the first person ever to complete over 900 km in 24 hours (903.75 km to be exact). This episode covers Marko's spectacular recent achievements in setting 12 world records in the outdoor road category, including besting the existing 50+ world record of 856.3km in 24-hours and setting an entirely new record of 1000km in 28h 50m.

This episode is packed with wisdom and experience - you don't want to miss it!

Let's roll! 🚲💨

Episode Transcript

I've been an ultra-endurance athlete since 2011. Since then I've bicycled 3,000 miles across the USA to fight human trafficking, participated in the Race Across America (RAAM), ridden twice non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles (450 miles) and once out-and-back (900 miles), and completed over 50 double centuries, earning me the title of youngest ultra cyclist ever to be inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. Follow me @justintoofast on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.