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After watching the film Inspired to Ride years ago, French-Canadian ultra bikepacker, Louis-Eric Simard, took on the famous Trans Am Bike Race, crossing 10 States in the USA, coast-to-coast, self-supported. Now he is organizing the Race Around Cuba and the TransCanada Bike Race, which traverses 12,500 km (7,767 mi), climbing 319,000 ft or the equivalent of Mt. Everest 11 times! Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Jean-Philippe Soulé has led a marvelously colorful life. In this episode, we hear from Jean-Phi from the perspective of award-winning author, travel-adventurer, athlete, humanitarian, photographer, motivational speaker, bicycle tour guide, and organizer of The Ultra Bike Pursuit in France. Let's roll! 🚲💨

On today's episode, we'll hear from Remek Siudziński who is not just an accomplished ultra cyclist himself but also the organizer of a brand new ultra cycling event launching in 2021, the Race Around Poland (RAP) - traversing 2,200 miles (3554 km) and climbing 33,000 m or 100,000 ft. Let’s roll! 🚲💨

The Race Around Niederösterreich provides ultra cyclists with a world class race experience starting in the historic town of Weitra providing fierce competition with elite racers like Christoph Strasser. On today's episode, we'll get an inside glimpse into the event with its organizers, Sports Journalist, Georg Franschitz, and sports marketer, Christian Troll. Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Divya Tate is the founder and director of Inspire India, the premiere organizer of ultra cycling events in India, hosting the annual Deccan Cliffhanger, Ultra Spice Race, The Great Himalayan, and soon the Dunes 6-12-24 Hour Time Trial. Let's roll! 🚲💨

Have you ever ridden your bicycle to the starting line of an ultra event? Our guest on today's episode, 28-year old Pierre Charles of France did exactly that riding to and from the Race Across France and the Ultra Bike Pursuit with over 28,000 miles (45,000 km) already logged this year. Get ready to be inspired... or perhaps just shocked in disbelief. Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Luca Masini's Giro d'Italia Nonstop (GINS) provides ultra racers with a grand tour through Italy with over 2,400 miles (almost 4,000 km) traveled and 166,000 ft (over 50,000 m) of climbing through historic cities like Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, and over the snowcapped Alps. Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Imagine racing Christoph Strasser in his home country of Austria. Today's guest Philipp Kaider did exactly that and came in just behind Christoph in 2nd place, in the Race Around Niederösterreich (RAN), or translated to English, the Race Around Lower Austria. Philipp, a local Austrian himself, was a smoker for over 10 years, but has already achieved a lot. Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Reaching further is the theme for today's episode with one of Ireland's finest ex-pro turned ultra cyclists. We'll be discussing everything from world records to racing ultras in Ireland, RAAM, 6-12-24 hour time trials, and living a performance lifestyle. Over a million people have tuned in to the recent adventures of this rider so you don't want to miss this! Let’s roll! 🚲💨

The Race Across America, Paris-Brest-Paris, the Carmel Valley Double Century, racing virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting anti-human traffic causes. This episode covers everything from 200 mile bicycle rides to multi-day ultra events, brevets, training, nutrition, and all the usual awesome ultra talk. Let's roll! 🚲💨

Welcome to the brand new ultra cycling show! The vision of this show is to bring together the ultra cycling family through fun and friendly interviews, news, and ultra-minded content. I'm your host, Justin Too. Let's roll! 🚲💨

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