Ep 37: Christoph Strasser - The Greatest Ultra-Cyclist (6-time RAAM Champion; World Record Holder)

Justin Too
November 29, 2020
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The man, the myth, the legend, Christoph Strasser, joins us to discuss his ultra cycling journey and the road that led him to become the famous 6-time Race Across America champion and record setting ultra athlete that he is today. Amongst his many achievements, he is also a frequent keynote speaker and the author of the popular book, "Strasser's Road: The Story of the Record-Setting Race Across America Winner".

Christoph holds the 24h indoor record of 941km, which was the toughest thing he has ever done and he also held the outdoor road record for over 5 years with a distance ridden of 896km covered in 24h.

Along the journey of his 9 RAAM participations, he became the only 6-time champion and still holds the speed, time, and under 50 age category records for his 2014 performance with a total time of 7 days 15 hours 56 minutes. That was his second performance under 8 days and still the only ultra racer to ever break that time barrier.

In this first episode with Christoph, we take a whirlwind tour of his ultra cycling career from RAAM to Race Around Austria to World Records, discussing training, nutrition, pacing, race strategy, and much more! It's a fun and candid conversation with the world's greatest ultra cyclist, and just the beginning of our discussions - stay tuned for the following episodes!

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Episode Transcript

I've been an ultra-endurance athlete since 2011. Since then I've bicycled 3,000 miles across the USA to fight human trafficking, participated in the Race Across America (RAAM), ridden twice non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles (450 miles) and once out-and-back (900 miles), and completed over 50 double centuries, earning me the title of youngest ultra cyclist ever to be inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. Follow me @justintoofast on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.