Ep 30: Ultra Cycling News (October 2020)

Justin Too
November 6, 2020
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Coming soon!

October was a month full of awesome ultra races and inspirational stories. There was a lot of action all around the world taking us from the United States to France and across Europe. On today's episode, we'll recap the latest and greatest happenings in the ultra cycling world, including past events, guests on our show, and things to look forward to coming soon to this show. Let's roll! 🚲💨

  1. No Country for Old Men (NCOM)
  2. Bikingman Corsica
  3. The Race Across Europe (Virtual)
  4. Natchez Trace 444

Ep 21: Shangrila G. Rendon

Ep 22: Chris Hopkinson

Ep 23: Philipp Kaider

Ep 24: Jure Robic commemoration w/ Matjaz Planinsek

Ep 25: Georgi Stoychev

Ep 26: Verstovšek Stanko

Ep 27: Luca Masini

Ep 28: Pierre Charles

Coming soon

Ep 29: Divya Tate, founder of Audax India and Inspire India.

Ep 30: Jeffrey Ritter, corporate secretary of World Ultra-Cycling Association (WUCA).

Ep 31: Christian Troll & Georg Franschitz, organizers of the Race Around Niederösterreich.

(A special thanks to Adam Bickett and Crt Slavec for some of the awesome photos featured in this episode, as well as everyone in the ultra family who continues to share their memories with us all online through social media. Keep spinning ultra!)

Episode Transcript

I've been an ultra-endurance athlete since 2011. Since then I've bicycled 3,000 miles across the USA to fight human trafficking, participated in the Race Across America (RAAM), ridden twice non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles (450 miles) and once out-and-back (900 miles), and completed over 50 double centuries, earning me the title of youngest ultra cyclist ever to be inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. Follow me @justintoofast on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.