Ep 26: Stanko Verstovšek - New 24-hr World Record (previously held by Christoph Strasser)

Justin Too
October 21, 2020
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The gold standard and benchmark for competitive ultra cyclists is the 24-hour individual time trial, just as the 1-hr TT is the standard for traditional road racers. On today's episode, we celebrate Stanko Verstovšek's glorious achievement in breaking and setting a new world record in the outdoor road category, a record previously set by the one and only 6-time RAAM champion, Christoph Strasser, and left standing for the last 5 years since March 2015. Stanko, an active police officer in Slovenia for 25 years, broke the highly coveted 900km mark by riding 914.02 km (567.946 miles) with an average speed of 38.08 kph (23.66 mph). Along the way, Stanko also snagged 10 other World Records at the marks of 100-, 200-, 300-, and 500-km, 100-, 200-, 300-, & 500-mi, 6-hr, and 12-hr. As an added bonus, we'll be joined by Stanko's coach and longtime friend, Aleš Suhadolnik, to discuss training, nutrition, and all the preparations leading to this incredible achievement.

Let’s roll! 🚲💨

Episode Transcript

I've been an ultra-endurance athlete since 2011. Since then I've bicycled 3,000 miles across the USA to fight human trafficking, participated in the Race Across America (RAAM), ridden twice non-stop from San Jose to Los Angeles (450 miles) and once out-and-back (900 miles), and completed over 50 double centuries, earning me the title of youngest ultra cyclist ever to be inducted into the California Triple Crown Hall of Fame. Follow me @justintoofast on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.